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Whitefox Services


Whitefox Services


Whitefox Media Pvt. Ltd.

Whitefox Services offers complete production “live and canned” management be it a Feature Film, Video Production, TV Commercial, Music Video, Corporate Film, Live Action Event, Live Concerts, Shooting Equipments, Lights, Camera, Cranes, Permissions, Legalities etc. We put everything you need right into your hands, worry free, on time and within your budget.



Whitefox Services are masters in Pre Production, This is where the actual budget of the film is broken down. The wages and offers for actors will be decided and set up along with the general planning of the shoot. The rest of the crew, shooting equipments locations for the film will be found and hired and they will start working in their respective departments.
Though the vast experience in successfully working with more than 500 big and small budget films, Television content, AD films & short Films, we have all the required resources which can be put to work on the shortest possible notice.






Our Production is immensely efficient and precise in planning which makes it the best in class for filming your project. We make sure that it is carried out seamlessly within assigned Budgets & Schedules. This is where Whitefox services has been exclusively efficient. Great care is taken to make sure that all the filming is done correctly and all necessary shots are taken. Production ensures that creative quality is delivered within the stipulated budget and time with precision in planning. 


We provide Helicopters, Chartered planes, Cruise ships, Catamarans, Yachts, Boats etc for all your shooting and also personal needs. This service is also Pan India.

Whitefox Services ensure all Outstation & Overseas shoots are executed with utmost precision.




It is said that a film is re-written on the editing table. Yes it is the most crucial phase. With bags of experience in Post production we have executed many successful edits. We have a line of genius technicians who have created marvels. A library of footage, all music, graphics, menu adds to the comfort of the film makers. We make sure we rework on the content to give the director/producers till what they want because client’s satisfaction has always been our focus. So you can rely on Whitefox Services for making your film a success.